Vitamin K Injections Not Necessary

Vitamin K is a naturally occurring vitamin in humans. In newborns, there are low levels of vitamin K present. In my opinion, this has been something that humans have adapted to for generations. Today, Vitamin K shots are used to prevent hemorrhagic disease (bleeding in the brain). Despite the significantly low occurrence rate (0.25-1.7%), vitamin K is given to every newborn unless the parent interjects. That means they are served the Vitamin K shot with no questions asked. Just like water being served at a restaurant.
There is one state, New York, in which the shot is mandated. Vitamin K shots have been standard in the United States since about 1944.


There are specific risk factors that go along with a baby having low Vitamin K:

Preterm Delivery

Low Birth Weights

Forceps or Vacuum Extraction Delivery

Mother’s Drugs During Pregnancy (antibiotics, anticoagulants, anticonvulsants, etc.)

Undetected Liver Disease

Cesarean Section

So, a lot of things have to line up for the disease to actually present symptoms.

What I don’t like about the vitamin K injection:

  • The vitamin K shot is painful.
  • It is a synthetic version of Vitamin K.
  • Dose can exceed 20-100x more than what is needed.
  • Metabolic fate of the synthetic Vitamin K is unknown.
  • The baby’s immune system has had no chance to develop.

If you think about it, a newborn is experiencing everything new once they are born. Lights, people, fabrics, gravity, and so much more are all new to a human being entering the world for the first time. An injection immediately after birth, such as the vitamin K injection, has the potential to cause emotional psychological trauma.

Look into…

  • Supplementing your diet with Vitamin K rich foods/beverages (dark leafy greens).
  • Breastfeeding on demand.
  • Delay cord clamping.
  • Look into the oral Vitamin K.




AMRAP 15 minutes

5 Strict Press

10 Pistols

15 Pull-ups


  • Strict Press can be HSPUs if you are comfortable with them.
  • PU can be with a band or ring rows.
  • Try to rest 30s between rounds.

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