The Baby Turned!

Yesterday, I received a text in between seeing patients. A picture of the text is below.

Basically, my patient and I have been working for about 2 weeks to get her first baby to present head down, so that she could avoid a c-section. The woman is beautiful with an open heart and cannot wait to meet her baby. However, in California, it is against the law for a midwife to deliver a baby that she knows is breech, AND just like in the rest of the country, there a very few trained medical doctors in delivering a breech baby.

Hallelujah that baby turned!



Buy In: 20 Back Squats (From Rack)

3 Rounds


40 Wall Balls

30 Step-Ups

  • The set of back squats should be done in 3-5 sets. Pick a weight accordingly.
  • The run can be a 500m row instead.
  • Step-ups can be box jumps or even lunges.

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