Social Services Remove Baby From Womb

Coming back from a holiday, I wanted to write about something uplifting and happy. That was until I came across one particular story. In the story, a pregnant Italian woman traveled to Britain for work. She did not leave Britain pregnant nor did she leave with her own baby.
Instead, the Essex social services obtained the highest court order against the woman to act in her ‘best interests.’ The government sedated the woman and removed her baby via cesarean section. They claimed the woman had a mental breakdown. The baby is now 15 months old and still not returned to her fully recovered mother. Read the story here.

Regardless of what is going on with the mother, I think it is incredibly wrong to forcibly remove a baby from the woman’s body. If the child’s life is in danger or there is some sort of medical reason to remove the child, then by all means that is when you exercise that skill. However, removing an infant from the womb with no solid medical evidence that the health of either is in jeopardy is unethical.

I don’t agree with every decision that every mom makes. Moms will not always agree with the decisions I make. But, that’s where it stops. We all SHOULD respect the opinions of others and not project our motives them.

This story more than saddened me. It PISSED me off. How does it make you feel?

This video will make you smile!



5 Rounds

In 1 minute, complete the following:

2 Dead Lifts

100′ Odd Object Carry (Sand Bag, Farmer’s Carry, etc.)

Max Pull-ups



  • Dead lifts should be a weight in which you can do easily. Perhaps you could do ten in a row with no problems.
  • The odd object carry may be limited by your bump. If you are early on with no bump, then you may can do a stone or a keg. If you have a belly, then maybe a sandbag on your back or even just a barbell. If you have no idea, then go with farmer’s carries. They are always great.
  • When you get to the pull-ups you will have about 15-25 seconds. Shoot for anywhere from 3-10 pull-ups.
  • Rest and recover for two minutes. If you need longer, take longer.

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