Do you check the ingredients?

It still baffles me that some of the busiest sections of the grocery store are the cereal isle and the yogurt section. So, tonight I decided to be ‘that girl’ and take pictures of the labels.
I hope that I caused at least one or two people to think twice about the crap they are buying and putting into their bodies. Below are a few pics that I took while at the grocery store. I included cereal, yogurt, cat and dog food, and vegan meat imitation.

On a normal day, I’d stay at least ten feet away from all of these products. It would be like instant inflammation and stomach ache if they were to get in my body. And, as for the pet food, it’s hilarious to me that I’ve tried to feed my pet rice and other grains and she won’t touch it. My cat goes straight for the gold- ribeye, shrimp, salmon, bacon, and fat.

Always be on your toes. Read the ingredients. Know what’s going inside you, your family, and even your pets. Make sure you can pronounce every ingredient. If not, then maybe you should place that product back on the shelf.






3 Rounds 

400m Run

21 KB Swings

12 Pull-ups (or Ring Rows)

-REST 5 min-


  • KB swings should alternate arms and be one-sided if the belly is in the way.
  • If KB swings are uncomfortable, then do front squats.
  • Pick a weight that you feel you could do 15-20 reps in a row. It won’t feel that way after the run:)
  • The run can be substituted for a 250m row or 100′ farmer’s carry (HEAVIER KBs).
  • Pull-ups can be done with a band or substituted for ring rows or renegade rows.



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