Healthy Birth for [CrossFitter] Lea-Anne Ellison

I live and work in Los Angeles. It is quite an interesting place in regards to movies, television shows, actors/actresses, producers, directors, videographers, and everyone else associated with the industry. I try to avoid the TMZ buses at all times. There is no television in our house or gossip magazines on the coffee table. And, I’m not scared to step in front of a punk a** paparazzi to block a shot.
So, when a beautiful woman at CrossFit Hollywood decided to keep CrossFitting during her pregnancy, you had better believe that the little rats in Los Angeles were all over that story.

Websites and other media outlets immediately started questioning the safety of her baby and describing the mother as vain and selfish. They paid no attention to the numerous other women that had also continued to CrossFit during their pregnancies or run marathons or play beach volleyball. They paid no attention that many athletic women continued to do what they loved during pregnancy and then birth healthy babies. The media outlets also did not include Lea-Anne’s CrossFit experience or the fact that she has been pregnant and given birth before. The media outlets just continued to criticize her for lifting “heavy” weights with a growing belly.

Many of you in the BirthFIT community know how healthy exercise can be during a pregnancy. You know how exercise has the potential to cut down the time of labor, prepare your mind for challenges that arise throughout labor, and how a fit mom gives birth to a fit baby.

As much as I avoid Hollywood gossip, I could not avoid this story. INSIDE EDITION has covered the story of Lea-Anne Ellison and her short and blissful birth. Watch the video below.

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 2.36.00 PM


EMOM 20 minutes: 

ODD: 3 Back Squats

EVEN: 10m Handstand walk (Or 20m Waiter’s Carry with KB; alternating between R and L each round)


  • Only go inverted if you are comfortable do that and have done so prior to your pregnancy.
  • Front squat, back squat, and OHS are all okay to do. Choose what feels the best for you.
  • Pick a weight that you can do about 6-9 times in a row when trying to decide.



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