Follow the Voice Inside

This past weekend I took a seminar in Chicago in regards to pediatrics, pregnancy, and chiropractic. I honestly wish each and every one of you could have attended because it was much more than just chiropractic. It was about life, light, and love.
This video below shows a baby that knows what he wants. Some of you may have seen this, but many of you may have not. Watch the video.


Then, I encourage you to figure out exactly what you want in life, in birth, in love, in your career, and with all of your relationships in life. There is no time to waste. Our vision was once in us, but it may have been lost, diminished, or hidden through out life. Find it. Figure out what drives you, just as this baby, and go for it. Get all the other crap out of the way and MOVE!

You, as a mother, know what’s right for you and your family. Your intuition will tell you everything. It may be the same or it may be different than what the family next door needs. Listen to that voice inside you.


Plank 3 x 45 seconds with or without weight

3 Rounds

10 Hang Power Cleans

15 Pull-ups

200m Run/Walk


Hang Power Cleans can be done with barbell, KB, or dumb bells. Ideally, this would be a weight in which you could move through in 2 or 3 sets.

Pull-ups can be done with bands or as ring rows.

Running can be walking, rowing (250m row), or farmers carry with dumb bells or KBs/≥


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