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Hello Chicago!
Today I arrived in Chicago to attend a seminar this coming weekend. The seminar is part of my diplomat program that I started over two years ago with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. There is usually one seminar a month, but since I missed one over the summer due to the CrossFit Games, I’m making that one up now.  Just convenient that it is in Chicago and I’ve never been to beautiful city.

Chicago has a soul. The minute you step off of the plane into the terminal you feel it. I walked through the airport slowly to soak it all in. I decided to take the subway to where I am staying downtown. I think it had been four years since I’ve ridden a subway.

The experience was like no other. I sat next to an older man at one point and younger teenage girl the next. There were people of all sizes, shapes, and colors that sat next to me and in the same cart as me. The biggest thing I saw was that people were happy. Even when the train we were on stopped and was no longer in service and we were all forced to board the train next to us, the crowd was joking and smiling and singing to the songs that were on their head phones.

These kinds of experiences encourage me to have faith in the human race. Even when there are terrible leaders and large companies trying to profit off the expense of people’s health, I see the pure, genuine interactions between people. I see the next hip hop star give his seat up to a mom and a baby. I see a teenage girl pick up a phone for an older man that dropped it earlier. I see a young dad piggyback his son through the subway.


Let’s see what tomorrow brings…








Odd: 5 Deadlifts (medium to heavy)

Even: 5 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups


  • Elevate barbell if you have to in order to make dead lifts comfortable. OR, do one legged dead lifts with a kettle bell.
  • C2B Pull-ups can be regular PU or ring rows.
  • Today is a training day or a practice day. Work on your skills.



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