Parenting Group in Marina Del Rey, CA

Welcome LA & South Bay parents to our new ongoing parenting group!

Thursdays 11:00AM-12:00PM

“The Art of Parenting”

The Art of Birthing Center

3013 Washington Blvd

Marina Del Rey CA 90292


Art of Birthing Center

About our facilitator and Midwife at the Art of Birthing center: 

Amy Tinney is the owner and clinical director at the Art of Birthing center and has attended pregnant women both in and out of the hospital since 1990. She offers prenatal care for clients planning out of hospital birth, well woman gynecology, conscious conception and parenting counseling. She has background in pre and perinatal psychology as well as homeopathy and herbal remedies. Her combination of both western medicine and holistic modalities helps women in her practice get the best of both worlds.

Kelly Mehan MA is the facilitator. She holds a masters in clinical psychology with a somatic psychology specialty. She specializes in infant development therapy, pre and perinatal psychology and prenatal bonding. She also teaches infant massage, and supports women in healing from birth trauma.

Come and support each other with guidance by our Midwife and facilitator. Topics: explore post partum recovery, bonding with babies, Nursing and bottle feeding, sleeping and nutrition as children advance to solids, understanding baby and baby to toddler transitions and developments, as well as many other parenting topics throughout the childbearing and rearing years.

This group is by donation: please give what you can.



4 Rounds for Quality:

50′ Waiter Carry with KB (R)

50′ Waiter Carry with KB (L)

20 Pistols (or 40 Regular Squats)

10 Ring Push Ups


  • The arm should be completely locked out on the waiter carries with a tight core.
  • Definitely use pistol scaling options if you need to.
  • Rings can be as a high as you need to make room for belly.
  • Quality. That is the word of the day.

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