Why Natural Birth? What is Your Opinion?

Often times when I start working with women, or do workshops in which I meet women for the first time, I’m a little surprised as to what they think constitutes a natural childbirth. Most of the time women will say that a natural childbirth birth is a vaginal birth with pitocin and an epidural. I then proceed to tell my audience that a natural childbirth is a vaginal birth that has no drugs or interferences. There is usually a discussion that follows.
Interruptions such as pitocin and an epidural piggyback the idea of birth in our society just as cheese and wine go together or eggs and bacon. However, that should not be the case. Things such as pitocin, epidurals, forceps, and so on should only be used when medically necessary and should be treated more like Tabasco sauce. Remembering that Tabasco sauce is only needed to add a kick or a punch to a meal.

But, what is the point of natural childbirth, especially when we have all of these things available in our industrialized country to make it easier?

My response to that question has always been, “because that is the way nature intended for birth to be done.” But, women with all different cultures and backgrounds have their very own reason for a natural childbirth.

What is, was, or would be your reason for natural childbirth?

Read this article about natural childbirth. Do you still have the same opinion?





5 X 5 Back Squats

Increasing weight with each set.


  • If back squats do not feel great, then try front squats.
  • Take a sufficient break between each set. Breathe and hydrate.
  • If increasing weight is not your speed for today, then pick a weight that you can do 5 sets of.



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