Do You Have BirthFIT Feet?

You want BirthFIT feet?
Use them.

I hear about orthotics, plantar fascitis and neuromas, and feet growing due to pregnancy all the time. Our feet are designed to interact with this earth. They are not supposed to be locked up in shoes, dependent on orthotics, or even in the vibrams. Our feet and the muscles within our feet are position dependent. Meaning that they work better in certain positions. Wearing shoes, especially those with any sort of heel, alter the position at which our feet contact the earth. Vibrams, along with shoes, decrease the proprioception within our feet and subsequently affecting the nerve firing patterns back to the brain that tell us where we our in space. By locking our feet up in shoes, boots, air casts, etc., we are causing more stress on our knees and hips and not allowing our feet to move and do their job. Our hips and feet relate a lot to each other, so use both of them to their maximal capacity.




3 Rounds:

20 Air Squats

100 Ft. OH Walking Lunges (10#-25# Plate)

-Rest if needed-

20 Deadlifts (Heavier)

-Rest if needed-

3 Rounds:

20 Alternating arm KB Swings

25 Feet Handstand Walk or 10 Strict Presses



  • This workout is designed to be done all together.
  • If you do not carry a weight overhead for walking lunges, carry something.
  • The deadlifts are programmed on the heavier side. Use a weight that you can do 4-5 times.
  • Only do handstand walk (inversions) if you have been doing them prior to pregnancy.

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