***I am a chiropractor. I can not and do not want to make your clinical decisions with regards to vaccines. These decisions are your decisions.***
Everyday I get questions about vaccines. New parents will often ask me what vaccines should their child get, if any, and/or where can they find more information. New parents do not want to mess up by going down one path versus the other. Decisions regarding vaccinations are heavy decisions with a lot of responsibility on the parents’ shoulders. You can always decide to vaccinate, but you can never decide to un-vaccinate.

Let me start by saying this: The decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate your child should be yours and yours only. I completely support a parent that has done research and chooses to not vaccinate their child. I also completely support parents that have done research and choose to delay vaccinations or only do certain ones. However, it is extremely hard for me to support parents that have done no research and depend on a third party to make decisions in regards to their child’s wellbeing.

When a client asks me what are my thoughts, I usually spin the question around to ask them their thoughts. Only after they have asked three times do I give them my opinion. I’ve written the BirthFIT blog for almost 18 months straight. I’ve written blogs in regards to vaccinations a handful of times but never posted them. It’s a personal, ethical decision, and I’ve finally decided to share with you my opinion. Remember it’s just that- my opinion.

At this point in my life, I do not support vaccinations, especially during the first 18-24 months of life. The gut and immune system take that long to develop, so to inject some foreign material, even hazardous material, into the bloodstream before it’s had ample time to develop is not ideal for me. There is no scientific evidence out there to support vaccinations under 6 months of age. A human baby does not even start to make antibodies until 6 months of age!

I know numerous people who have never received a vaccination in their life. They have also never even had a cold. I know numerous people, like myself, that have received every vaccination as a child and teenager and have been plagued by allergies, asthma, skin issues, and so on their whole lives.

There are vaccines out there that are completely obnoxious to give to a newborn. Hepatitis B/C  are predominantly contracted through drug abusers sharing needles and sexual intercourse. I don’t see any infants gettin’ freaky a week after birth. When you contract measles, it will last about 6-7 days and then you have a lifetime of natural immunity. You can read how ridiculous the tetanus vaccine is HERE considering it needs an anaerobic environment to flourish. And the absolute most absurd vaccine of all is the HPV vaccine given to young girls to prevent cervical cancer. First of all, young girls should not be sexually active (again personal opinion); second, cervical cancer is most commonly diagnosed in those over 55 years of age; and third, this HPV vaccine needs a “booster” every couple of years. A young female could potentially have three to four HPV injections before she has her 21st birthday!

There is a huge debate currently about vaccines being linked to autism. The autism rate used to be 1 in 1000. Now, the autism rate is 1 in 50! In my opinion, it’s not only vaccines, but the processed food-like substances, the lack of breastmilk, the lack of sufficient Vitamin D from sunlight, what a mother does during her 40 weeks of pregnancy, the actual labor and delivery, and even the immediate postpartum period that may contribute to autism and other issues.

The vaccine debate will continue to be a discussion because it is a huge pharmaceutical moneymaker. Big pharmaceutical companies have connections with the government. There are a lot of strings attached when there should be no strings attached. To vaccinate or not vaccinate your child should be your choice with no monetary or leadership gains for anyone else.

If vaccinations really worked…

  • Why are our children the sickest when compared to other developed countries?
  • Why do we have the most people on medications?
  • Why do we have the highest rate of SIDS?
  • Why is their a need for “boosters?”

In the words of Dr. Tim O’Shea, “Vaccination does not equal Immunization“.

To Be Continued…



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2 comments to " Vaccinations… "
  • Thanks for the honest opinion! It’s so refreshing to hear a healthcare practitioner who is open to both sides, as long as there is research being done.
    Do you have any thoughts or research on the Vitamin K shot after birth? It seems to me that if it were 100% necessary, the human race would not have survived as long as it has…. But I can’t seem to find unbiased research.

    Thanks for the great content!

    • Lindsey Mathews

      I would check Modern Alternative Pregnancy (website), Evidenced Based Birth, Elevation Chiropractic and Beacon Chiropractic, as well the Vaccine Reaction (I think). Those are usually all good resources. I’m with you… I think how could we have survived if not, but really who knows.

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