Artificial Womb- When Is It Too Far?

What if you decided to get pregnant, then proceeded to the nearest market in the next couple of days, and then picked out the artificial womb in which to carry your baby?
Well, that is definitely a path that could be taken if we are not careful. Taking our privileges too far by intervening in pregnancy when it is not needed is messing with nature. And frankly, that terrifies me.

I came across this article [CLICK HERE] the other day discussing the advances in the neonatal field. I respect that advances like this can potentially save lives of infants that are born as early as 15 weeks or allow a mom to carry a baby that cannot physically carry the baby herself. However, I do not respect the processes when they are taken too far such as the case with cesarean sections now in Brazil [CLICK HERE].

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What are your thoughts on the article in regards to an artificial womb? 



Hang Power Cleans

Hand Stand Push Ups

*200m Run between each round.


  • Use a weight in which you can do 10-11 reps in a row.
  • Use double or single KB or dumb bells if belly is too big.
  • If you did not do HSPUs prior to pregnancy, then do not do them now. Do strict presses.
  • 200m run can be a 250m row or a walk.
  • You will start and finish with the run.

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