Rx Birth

Today I treated five different women with five different birth plans.
It got me thinking.

You know that workout that is written on the board when you walk into the gym? You know that workout that has a prescribed weight and a certain number of pull-ups and specific number of reps?

Well, it turns out that our society has an ‘RX’ version of having a baby. Usually it goes something like this:

You get pregnant. You go see an ObGyn that your friend referred to you. You go in for checkups that last no more than five minutes with the doctor. You will get an ultrasound halfway through your pregnancy and more as you get closer to the due date. Most likely you will be told that the baby is looking too big to fit through your pelvis. You go on about your business through your pregnancy without a care in the world because your doctor is going to do what’s best for you. You get to week 40 and your doctor decides that your fluid levels are looking a little low, so you should induce. They start to load your up with pitocin, which creates imitation contractions. The contractions are so intense for the mother that she needs an epidural. Between the pitocin and the epidural, the baby has a hard time recovering between the imitation contractions. The baby’s heart rate drops and an emergency cesarean section is needed.

I hear birth stories every day. This is at least how half, if not more, play out. Just as the ‘RX’ version of the workout is not meant for everyone, neither is the scenario above.

The five different women I had today are all due between now and January. Each one has a different doula and a different birth plan. Three of the five women will be using a midwife and either birthing at a center or at home. Two of the five women will be birthing at the hospital. The two that chose the hospital feel comfortable in that setting because one is a nurse and one has multiple family members that work in the hospital. The women birthing at home or in the center are all taking different birth education classes and fitness classes to help prepare them for birth.

The one thing I saw in common in each of my patients today was CONFIDENCE. Each one decided their birth plan and has announced it with confidence. The ability to choose and go confidently in the direction you choose rather than the one prescribed will make all the difference in the world.

Decide your own path.



5X5 Back Squats or Front Squats


  • Try to increase the weight a little each time.
  • If you have had any back pain, then I would stick with front squats.
  • Remember to breathe and hydrate.

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