DEUCE is Magical

This past Saturday we had the Grand Opening Party for DEUCE Gym. The party was a blast with so many friends and family, a reggae band, and lots of barbeque all under the sun. We could not have asked for a better day!
DEUCE is a magical place.

Things are taking off in all directions at DEUCE. There is Strongman, Strength 101, DEUCEndurance, and Barbell Performance. The coaches of each of these programs are masters in their domain. The programs are as much educational as they are fun.

DEUCE is also the home of BirthFIT.

This is the location where I have Women’s Only Classes, pregnancy fitness classes and private training sessions, and have BirthFIT consultations. The Women’s Only Classes are a safe, testosterone-free zone for women to get fit and push themselves to new levels. The pregnancy fitness sessions are a fun, effective way to stay in shape while pregnant. And, BirthFIT consultations are the real gem. These are private sessions at which I work one-on-one with a woman at discovering her ideal pregnancy and birth plan.

DEUCE Gym is a place we like to call home. We have a diverse group of people that make up our community. And on Saturdays, we have one hell of good time at Skills & Drills while grilling up lunch.



1 mile Run

50 Squats

1 mile Run


  • Beginner: 800m, 25 squats, 800m.
  • Intermediate: 1 mile, 25 squats, 1 mile.
  • Rest as needed.



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