Baby Got Back [Labor]

Back Labor
If you haven’t experienced it yourself, then you’ve probably heard about it. Back labor is basically pain and/or discomfort in the lower back while laboring, usually intensified with contractions. It is thought to be caused by the baby in another position other than head down and facing the sacrum. The most common position of the baby in regards to back labor is OP, or when the baby is Occiput Posterior with his/her head resting on the mama’s sacrum and facing forward. 

Back Labor Tips

  • Change Positions: Sometimes just changing the position you are in can alleviate the discomfort. Most women that experience back labor find that a lunge style or on all fours with one leg open like a dog peeing to be optimal.
  • Squat: This position is great for anything/everything:)
  • Rebozo: I’ve taken a wonderful workshop put on by Gena Kirby. While at this workshop, you and your partner will learn lots of movements and positions that can alleviate pain and discomfort and to assist with delivery.
  • Ice/Heat: Placing an ice pack or heat for 7-10 minutes at time can feel amazing.
  • TENS Unit: Transcutenous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A TENS unit is a small, portable device that stimulates the nerves for therapeutic purposes.
  • Double/Partner Hip Squeeze: This can be achieved by using the rebozo but if you don’t have one your partner can squeeze your hips. However, he/she may get tired. J
  • Chiropractic/Massage: A little bit of soft tissue work or a chiropractic adjustment can help clear things right up.
  • Shower: A hot shower may be nice to relieve some of the tension.
  • Lacrosse Ball: Place these inside the rebozo tied around your waist. These help to create a firm pressure.
  • Visualizations and breathing techniques.



If you or anyone you know has experienced back labor and has some great solutions, then feel free to share them.


AMRAP (Continuous Movement) 15 minutes

10 Push ups

20 KB Single Leg Dead Lifts (Alternating)

40 Double Unders or Singles


  • If no jumping for you then do walking lunges, row 250m, or just walk 200m.
  • Pick a weight that is doable and moveable.
  • Push ups can be modified as they have been in the past with elevated plates, boxes, or on the wall.



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