Overcoming Obstacles

Whenever I work one-on-one with women, I often learn that they have a birth of their dreams in their head, especially in regards to baby number one. However, there are usually one or two major obstacles that stand in the way of that woman and her dream birth. Often times those obstacles are things like finances and/or the opinion of other family members.
For instance, a woman may dream of a home birth but says in costs too much out of pocket. Or, a woman may not want to share her choice to have a home birth out of fear of her mother’s and sisters’ opinions.

These are all legitimate concerns. But, I do not feel like they decision makers. As a mother, you are going to have to make decisions for you and your family. Those decisions start now when you are pregnant. No one is going to respect your decisions if you don’t respect and value your opinion.

Working through some of these obstacles can be challenging. It may take time and some hard conversations, but I think we can all agree that it might be worth the extra effort.

What is one thing you can do in the next six weeks to make your labor and delivery easier?



Rowing Nancy

5 Rounds


15 OHS


  • Run or row is okay. You can also do walking lunges or farmer’s carry.
  • OHS weight is something you can do 15 reps in a row at least the first round.
  • Think about resting a minute after each round and doing just 4 rounds.
  • Beginners/Intermediates to 3 Rounds.



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