Top 10 Reasons to Participate in BirthFIT U

Top 10 Reasons to do BirthFIT U 

  • Headbands, Trigger Point Massage Balls, & More 
  • An Hour of Yoga
  • Nutrition & Supplements Made Simple
  • The Anatomy of Birth 
  • Constructing Your Birth Dream Team
  • Relaxation & Visualization Techniques
  • Functional Movement Guidance & Modifications
  • Postpartum Planning to Assist You
  • Informed Decision Making through Empowerment & Education
BirthFIT U 

Saturday, October 20th

9am – 5pm

CONTACT for more info!



10X10 OHS


  • Do front squats if OHS don’t feel good.
  • Take as much rest between sets as you want.
  • Weight is completely what you feel appropriate with that day.

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