Carb Load for Labor and Delivery

A handful of women that I consulted with throughout their pregnancies are due in October. Each of them has asked what exactly they can eat now to help prepare their bodies for birth. I’m pumped that they are so proactive!
I’ve written about snacks for labor and delivery in the past, but this is specifically about the diet at the tail end of your pregnancy. I advise that a woman’s diet shift a bit towards a high carbohydrate diet. No, that does not mean cakes, cookies, and canolis. That means healthy carbohydrate dense foods such as sweet potatoes, plantains, white potatoes, yams, parsnips, beets, butternut squash, jicamaa, spaghetti squash, and lotus root. Fruit such as mangos, dates, pineapples, and dates are all delicious and full of carbohydrates.

Glycogen is the storage form of carbohydrates, so the more that we have stored as glycogen, the more that is readily available for use in labor and delivery. If we do not have enough glycogen stored, then our bodies will convert fat stores into glycogen for energy. This process releases a by-product called ketones.  Ketosis is actually not as bad as it sounds and was certainly needed during our evolution. However, it is not that optimal during labor and delivery. In fact, the whole process can actually slow labor. And, of course we don’t want that.

So, take advantage of the waiting game. Sleep, eat, sleep, eat, walk or exercise, and eat some more. You are on the home stretch, so prepare for the grand finale!



AMRAP 10 minutes

5 KB Power Snatches (R)

5 KB Power Snatches (L)

10 Box Jumps or Step-Ups



KB or Barbell can be used.

If neither box jumps nor step-ups, then do air squats or lunges.

Rest as much as needed between each round.



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