Sarah Gibson lives in Vancouver. She started making headbands while on maternity leave and continued after her son was born. During her postpartum period Sarah had a lot of requests for headbands, so she created an Instagram account. Since then Sarah has made some great connections and has been able to turn her talent into her business. Now she works at home and she’s able to spend lots of quality time with her son.

Sarah’s business is called IWEARTHEHEADRESS. Each piece is handmade. She finds inspiration throughout cultures all over Europe and Africa, and has been greatly influenced by her maternal side of the family.

I’m so excited that Sarah has decided to donate to the BirthFIT U gift bags. Definitely go to her website to checkout her products. You will fall in love.





Hang Power Cleans

Pull ups

*20 Double Unders between each round.


  • Hang power cleans are on the heavier side but still doable. You can drop between each rep. These can also be done with dumb bells or kettle bells.
  • Pull ups can be done with bands or done as ring rows.
  • If double unders do not feel too good, then do alternating lunges.



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