The [HOME] Birth of Griffin

The Birth of Griffin

By: Abby Illenberger


Griffin was my first baby and although I had taken childbirth classes (not the crappy ones from the hospital) and have always been pretty in tune with my body, the whole thing started unbeknownst to me.

It was about 8 in the morning on September 4th, 2008 one day after my “guess date” that I woke up and noticed what I thought may or may not be a slight bloody show. I didn’t feel anything else, except perhaps quite pregnant. I hung out with my husband, Jeremy, as he got ready for work. Honestly, he probably knew I was in labor before I did. He informed me that a friend of ours was going to stop by before surfing down by us, and I was happy for the company and distraction. Our friend, Greg, arrived as Jeremy was heading out the door and I laid out for him the most amazing French toast breakfast I’ve probably ever made. Jer must have realized something was “up” with me because I just sat and watched Greg eat and didn’t have a bite. Jer’s parting words were “should I go?” I said that yes he should go and that I would call if anything happened. I mean…labor is long business…right? WRONG!

Well, it wasn’t long after Greg finished eating the brunch of the century when it was getting really hard to listen to him talk. At this point, it became pretty clear that I was having contractions and they were pretty intense…


…so I called Jer.

Ring Ring


Jer: OK!


My mom and dad walked in the door right about then asking if they would get to meet their grandchild today, and today, I answered, “I think…probably…yes”.

So in a flurry my mother tried timing the many contractions that seemed to come out of nowhere…Jer came home…and…oh… Did I mention we were having a home birth?

Neither one of my folks had been super keen on the whole home birth thing and lucky for us, they were staying in an RV about a mile down the road. Our saving grace was a super supportive and very intuitive birth team consisting of our midwife Kris and our doula Lindsey. Jer called them both and somehow, despite the short time I had been in labor and after insisting on talking to me, they both hustled to get here.


I was in the tub trying to ride the waves of my contractions, which seemed WAY more intense than the first stage of labor I was thinking I was in.

Even though I had only been in labor about 4 hours, I made one of those comments that can only be defined as transition. And, then I got REAL antsy. I felt like I just HAD to poop. Contractions were 90+ seconds and 3 on top of each other with no breaks. I couldn’t even think. They put me on the bed where I insisted that despite it being “ok” I simply could not poop on my own bed. Lindsey (my angel doula) went and got Kris who was napping from a birth the night before. By this time, I sat on the toilet, making some interesting grunting sounds. I was at 10cm!

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 11.00.29 AM

Midwife Kris told Jer to get behind me on the toilet and hold me up (all 200+lbs of me). I was able to push his head out and then it seemed that he had shoulder dystocia. Kris urgently told Jer to move, me to get on hands and knees, and then Kris helped ease him out.

My mind was blown. 5 hours of labor and now a MOM!

My little “Land Baby”! I took a few moments to process everything. Then, with the help of my team, I scooped him up and waddled over to the bed where I nursed my new babe and pushed the placenta out. Once the cord was cut, I took a shower. Jer and our team checked out our little one- weighed and measured him. I came back, nursed him and everyone left. Later that evening, our new baby slept with Jer, my mom was napping in the guest room and my dad was washing dishes. I walked out and he said, “I bet you’re pretty hungry. Sorry, we ate without you”. He then set me up a seat at the table, warmed up the food and I ate my first meal as a mom.

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 11.00.49 AM


500m Row

20 Wall Balls (14#)

30 Push Press (95#)

40 OH Walking Lunges (25#)

50 Double Unders

100m Farmers Carry


AMRAP 3 minutes

-Rest 3 minutes-

AMRAP 6 minutes

-Rest 6 minutes-

Complete for time



AMRAP 4 minutes

-Rest2 minutes-

Complete for time



  • As always, the weight ultimately depends on the athlete.
  • The weight of the wall ball should be doable for all 20 in the first set.
  • The weight of the push press should be light enough to do 10-12 in a row.
  • The weight for OH walking lunges need to be a weight in which you keep your arms locked out the whole time.
  • The weight of the farmer’s carry should be medium to heavy
  • .

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