A Strong 12-Year-Old

Today, I treated patients all day in my office in Beverly Hills, CA. My first patient of the day told me a story of her 12-year-old daughter, and here I am, twelve hours later, still thinking about this story.
My patient is a mother of two beautiful girls. One is nine-years-old and the other is twelve-years-old. The younger daughter plays tennis and baseball and the older daughter is a competitive swimmer. The girls are healthy, hardworking, and intelligent.

The older daughter is in middle school, which I’m sure we all remember as not the most glamorous of times. At her school, they test physical fitness through a timed mile and other exercises like push-ups and lunges. The middle school daughter (remember she’s a competitive swimmer) ran the mile at school this week and got a time of 6:50, which is a great time!

The problem here is this: a female student only gets recognized/rewarded on her physical fitness capabilities if she scores a mile time of 6:30 or better. So, that means that the competitive twelve-year-old swimmer did not get a t-shirt in front of her peers, but all the small, skinny girls that could run a mile under 6:30 got t-shirts.


Our society is promoting this kind of health and segregation?!

Well, the mother I treat is a badass and she has taught her daughter well. Her daughter decided not to get upset about what happened, but to PROVE PEOPLE WRONG. She has decided to show her instructor that fit people can run just as well skinny people.

This young lady has until the end of the year to shave at least 20 seconds off of her mile time. She’s training hard, but smart with the help of some experts. Please send her your positive energy!



In 10 minutes, complete the following:

10 Strict Pull-Ups


10 Dead Lifts

25 Double Unders (75 Singles)


  • Dead lifts should be done with a weight that you can do 10 times- barbell, kettle bells, sandbags, etc. are all sufficient.
  • Double unders can be single unders or walking lunges or 200m run.



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