Trigger Point Therapy Supports BirthFIT

BirthFIT U
BirthFIT U will offer some goodies for all the ladies participating. One such goodie is a Trigger Point Therapy massage ball. Trigger Point Therapy is a company based out of my hometown in Austin, Texas. Trigger Point Therapy has made products so that athletes, like you and me, may incorporate them into their daily lives to help prevent injury and improve recovery.

For a pregnant woman, this TP Therapy massage ball could be a saving grace. The massage ball can help with sciatic-type pain from a tight piriformis, which is so common in pregnancy. The massage ball can also help with lower back pain and upper back discomfort depending on the placement of the ball. The massage ball can easily be taken on a plane or in a purse and used anywhere.

To prevent muscle adhesions and improve recovery, the massage ball should be used before and after workouts. The massage ball helps to improve mobility as well as blood flow to the particular areas.

As you can see, we want the very best for our BirthFIT U ladies. We wan to provide you with top-notch products that will enhance your lives. Trigger Point Therapy supports BirthFIT U and we love them!



4 Rounds

5 Cleans

10 Pull Ups

400m Run or 250m Row


  • Clean can be power cleans if the full squat is not comfortable.
  • Row or run is fine. If neither feel good, then try walking 200m or 30 lunges.
  • Pull ups with a band are fine or ring rows.

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