Childbirth Aid Provides Shortcut, Problems

And, in other news, we have the first device that will open a woman’s cervix and pull the baby out, ready or not!
I’ve been a little in shock of the media headlines lately. I think I had to pick my jaw up off the ground when I actually came across the article below.

This company, Materna, has designed a tool to use to stretch the vaginal canal, upon insertion of a depth of 4 cm, to allow up to an 8-10cm diameter passage. They claim that stretching the muscles slowly is likely to prevent tearing for the mother. Their goal with this product is to prevent maternal injury during childbirth, perineal tears being the most common.

However, the males that are in charge of this company have not taken into account the orchestra of the female hormones, especially in regards to birth. One hormone is activated and a cascade effect takes place. As a result, certain reflexes are activated and muscles directly involved in the process are relaxed and/or release to prepare the body for the baby.

What is your thought of this futuristic invasive tool?





Knees to Elbow


  • OHS can be done with PVC, alternating KBs, bar, or bar with weights that you can do 7-9 reps in a row.
  • Knees to elbow can be modified to to knees-to-ninety or laying on the ground with knees  to kettle bell.

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