Irony: Fit American Mother is a Problem

Last week, the mother of two, Lee-Ann Ellison caused a frenzy throughout social media by posting pictures of herself 37 plus weeks pregnant. Various media sources from ABC to CNN reported this as “BREAKING NEWS” and people all over the world left their opinions for her to read- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

To me, the irony in the situation is that exercise has proven benefits in pregnancy and labor and delivery (Exercising Through Your Pregnancy). Yet, because baby bumps and weights are not plastered to every billboard in Hollywood or even in Middle America, it has not become common knowledge. In fact, women are ridiculed more often for exercising during pregnancy than eating a damn quarter pounder with cheese and drinking a diet soda.

WAKE UP AMERICA! Stop letting marketing cartels behind Kelloggs, Kashi, General Mills, CocaCola, McDonalds, Big Pharma, and so on lead your lives. Make decisions for yourself for the betterment of your health and your family’s health.

That’s exactly what Lee-Ann has done. In fact, she has been doing it for quite some time now, and I’d say she is one KICK-ASS MOM!


The real deal here is that our society does not get pregnancy and birth. Our society fears pregnancy and is terrified of birth. Our society views pregnancy as a disease and that women must take it easy, gain the standard 25-35lbs, and overeat on bullshit foods. Birth has become one of the biggest money making businesses in the U.S. for hospitals and insurance companies. And, OUR SOCIETY STILL DOES NOT UNDERSTAND PREGNANCY AND BIRTH.

Women have been having babies since the beginning of time. Pregnancy and birth are natural processes that our bodies know how to handle because of an innate intelligence in the universe. Why all of sudden, in the last 100 years or so, did people begin to fear pregnancy and birth?

Women are taught to view birth as this traumatic, ugly, screaming, painful experience from a young age because of the Hollywood movies, television shows, and gossip magazines. Unless someone tells them how magical and sacred birth has the potential to be, girls in our society grow up into women that fear pregnancy and birth, even though their bodies are perfectly capable.

For each woman I work with, I encourage her to listen to her body and understand that each pregnancy is different. No two women will experience the same pregnancy, and no woman will experience the same pregnancy as compared to her first and second child. I guarantee Lee-Ann has listened to her body, and I guarantee she has trained smart. Lee-Ann has beautiful form and has been lifting for quite sometime. Lee-Ann’s body is used to her doing CrossFit workouts. In fact, if she had stopped exercising, she probably would have gone into a depression, been a less than optimal to mom to her current two children, and not offered her growing fetus healthy platform to start from.

To all that criticized this woman and the rest of the women out there for doing their best as mothers, GET A UTERUS and/or EDUCATE YOURSELF. Most of the negative remarks I’ve seen have either been men and/or women that have been brainwashed by our society and have not read any research articles or books out there. One of the worst things I read was a comment along the lines of “great way to lose a baby” post by a male and “you should be ashamed of yourself.” REALLY?!

Those comments have further justified my beliefs that people hide behind a computer screen and have no compassion for their fellow man, much less a woman. Who ever you are, you’re going to sit over there and cowardly remark into your computer about a woman exercising while pregnant? Real cool, bro.


EMOM 12 Min

3 Front Squats (65# or a weight you can do 5-7 reps in a row)


3 Rounds

10 Pistols or

10 Ring Dips


  • For the front squats, use a weight that you feel comfortable doing at least 5-7 reps in a row.
  • The skills section for practice. If you do not have pistols, then do a variation to practice. Same with the dips.
  • Skills is not for time.



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