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BirthFIT U is scheduled to start on Sunday, September 22nd at 11am. Krista and I have seven weeks of birth education and movement planned out for expectant mothers. If you are a health conscious individual and want an unbiased form of information, then this is the class for you. The first hour of the class is chalk full of information to assist each woman in making her own choices related to her pregnancy and birth. The first hour is lead by Krista Miracle, doula and postpartum expert. The second hour is lead by myself, Dr. Lindsey Mathews, D.C. and will focus on proper movement patterns, muscle activation, and enhancing proper biomechanics through functional movements and yoga. There are definitely some awesome surprises planned for the course.
Krista and I have this BirthFIT U course planned for 2013. We are looking to have two to four courses throughout 2014.

Now is the time.

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Double KB Clean and Press

Alternating Pistols


  • Balance yourself for the pistols by holding a weight or holding onto the side of a box or wall.
  • Double KB clean and press should be done with a weight that you can do two to four in a row. Little heavier but manageable.
  • if two KBs are too much, then alternate arms.

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