Four Common Issues that Will Affect the Baby

Why does the BirthFIT programming include nutrition?
In one of Dr. Mercola’s (think what you will of him but this is a great article) latest articles, he describes four serious issues that affect a child’s development but these are often overlooked.

The four issues are:

  1. Poor gut health
  2. Flame retardant chemicals
  3. Insufficient Vitamin D
  4. Exposure to GMOs

In regards to all four of the issues above, what we consume or expose ourselves too is the gist of the problem. We are constantly evolving living creatures. There is no reason to put cheap gas in a ferari, so don’t put crap into your body. The food you consume and the products you use on your skin directly influence your health and overall wellbeing.

  • Can you pronounce all the ingredients?
  • Would you eat it?
  • Would you put it in or on your baby?

So, why does BirthFIT programming include nutrition?

Because it’s the foundation to optimal living.


100 KB snatches for time (35# and alternating every few reps)

*Every minute perform 2 burpees.



  • Weight should be something you can do 10 reps in row.
  • Burpee= squat and pushup (elevated if you want).

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