BirthFIT Programming

BirthFIT Programming
I’ve recently opened my schedule to accommodate for two new BirthFIT clients. BirthFIT programming is a unique, physical and educational experience that will help prepare your mind and body for birth.

  • Fitness programming designed just for you with your strengths, weaknesses, and modifications in mind.
  • Nutritional guidance with meal planning and supplement recommendations.
  • Birth planning so that you can design your birth and your dream team.
  • Birth education recommendations so that you can take classes and courses local to you that would be ideal for you.
  • Mental preparation so that you can mentally last through the marathon of birth.
  • Postpartum planning so that you do not have to worry about the happenings of life after birth.

This one-on-one programming is similar to a coach and athlete structure. Birth is your biggest event of life, so why not have a coach?

If you are living in the Los Angeles area and interested in started your birth journey, please email me for more information and pricing options.




6 Rounds

In 2 minutes, complete the following:

50 Ft Farmer’s Carry (26#-120# on each hand)

Continuous reps of alternating one-arm kettle bell swings (18#-35#).

-Rest 2 minutes between rounds-


  • Farmer’s carry can be subtituted for a 200m walk or run or a 250m row.
  • If KB swings aggravate your back, then try goblet squats or front squats with KB.
  • Extend rest if you need.

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