Improving Birth Rally

This happened today…





Childbirth professionals, men, women, children, moms, and everyone in between united for the second annual Improving Birth Rally in all fifty states. As the Improving Birth website says, it’s not about home births versus hospitals or anything similar to that. It’s about allowing women the right to be educated and make informed decisions for themselves.


Join the fun next Labor Day. Stand up for every woman, mother, sister, or friend you’ve ever known. It’s their choice.


Complete the following:

7 Rounds

2 Power Cleans (105-125#)

5 Pull-ups

200m Walk/Run


  • The power cleans should be on the heavier side. As in, you have to do each rep separately.
  • The pull-ups should be done in a row, so scale/modify accordingly. Try ring rows.
  • This workout will take you at least 15-20 minutes.




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