The Art of Birthing Center

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the opening for The Art of Birthing Center in Marina Del Rey, CA. This place is the product and hard work of Los Angeles midwife Amy Tinney.

Amy has poured her heart and soul into this center and it shows. The place is absolutely beautiful. There are exam rooms, lecture space, and a beautiful birthing suite. It is the perfect place to bring a baby into this world.

Through joint clients, I’ve worked with Amy a lot lately. Women, babies, and families absolutely love her. If you are pregnant, in the Los Angeles area, and thinking about a natural birth, then you need to go visit Amy at her new Birthing Center.





Hotshots 19 Memorial Workout 

6 Rounds for time:

30 Air squats

19 Power Cleans (95#)

7 Strict Pull Ups

400m Run


  • 400m run ==> 200m walk, 250m Row.
  • 7 Ring rows or use a band.
  • Modify weight to where you can do 10-12 reps in a row.
  • Modify the rounds to four rounds if you are fairly new.

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