New York Stole a Piece of My Heart

This blog is dedicated to one my best friends Aimee.
Two days ago, I said, “ See you later” to my friend Aimee.

My friend Aimee is driving across country as we speak to call New York her new home. It’s refreshing to me to see people, especially close to me, follow their hearts and live their lives. Aimee was born and raised in Los Angeles. She very easily could have stayed and lived her life in the City of Angels without ever experiencing life on the other side of the United States. However, in the past few months, she has done some deep soul searching, made a decision, and acting on it.

Rock on, Aimee!


Well, two days ago I went to help Aimee pack up her belongings. Before arriving at her place, I was stoked for her journey, the places she would see along the way, and the endless possibilities that life in New York would offer her. Yet, when I stepped into her home to see boxes everywhere and her little puppy Otis wondering around confused, I could not stop the knot from forming in my stomach and creeping up into my throat.

This move is REAL!

You see, Aimee became an immediate friend to me when I moved from Texas to attend chiropractic school in Los Angeles over seven years ago. I had been dealing with some personal issues (who doesn’t have them), and she became my rock. Even though we could not be more opposite (she watches television and read gossip magazines, and I don’t even own a television or know what twerking is), Aimee has always been a friend I could lean on. Aimee is a girlfriend I could cry with, laugh with, eat whatever with, and we still love each other just the same. Whether it’s been hours, days, or even weeks between our visits, Aimee and I can pick up right where we left off.

So, of course I cried!

I balled my eyes out when I gave Aimee a hug (one of the types of hugs that Aimee likes) and said, “See you soon.” In fact, I cried the whole drive back home. Aimee was someone that I could always count on being next to me in Los Angeles. I felt weird. I still cannot even describe completely what I feel. However, I want New York to know how lucky they are to be getting a beautiful person in my friend Aimee.

And to Aimee, I love you! Thank you for pushing me to become the person that was deep down inside me. BirthFIT is what it is because of you believing in me.



EMOM 10 Minutes

Odd: 3 Strict Pull-ups

Even: 2 Single leg dead lifts (one each leg) with KB

-Rest 5 to 7 minutes-

AMRAP 8 minutes

50 Ft Overhead Plate Carry (25#, Down and back)

10 Step-ups (12-24 inches)


  • Rest as needed during the AMRAP
  • Pick a box height in which you can do 10 step-ups in a row.

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