BirthFIT U: The Anatomy of Birth

BirthFIT U


Did you know that one whole day is dedicated to the anatomy of birth. This does not just mean body parts although those are included. This means that Krista and I will be covering everything from the stages of birth to the baby’s possible positions to the hormones involved and of course what happens in regards to the cervix and uterus. Once we’ve established the basic anatomy of birth from the stages to the major players, then we cover interventions. We go over when these medical interventions would be used, and we also cover the benefits and risks. By the end of this particular class, you will understand the basic birth process, the major players from organs to hormones, and possible interventions. All of the material is present in an unbiased manner, so that you make choices best on what you feel is best for you and your family. 

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BirthFIT U is the sexy new birth education series designed specifically for women committed to a healthy lifestyle and rockin’ birth. BirthFIT U is a seven-week series, held once a week. The first hour, focused on birth education in an entirely new format, will keep you entertained and informed.  The second hour, built on the BirthFIT principles, is all about functional movements and mobility. Combined these two hours prepare you for one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life: your birth!



For time:



Knees to Elbows



  • Pick a weight that you can do 10-11 reps in a row at consecutively.
  • Knees to elbow is doable or you can do knees to 90 or med ball slams.
  • For the OHS it will probably be easier to take the bar from the rack.

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