Keep the Fire

I view mothers as these radiant sacred beings.
To become a mother means you have had to go through and experience this rite of passage unlike any other thing in life.

When a woman is a pregnant and preparing for the birth of her child, she is not only undergoing enormous amounts of physical and emotional changes, but shifts in her unconsciousness as well. During pregnancy a mother’s brain shifts from a daily beta state to a peaceful, zen-like alpha state. Once labor and delivery begins, the mother’s brain enters a deep meditative theta state. As labor progresses, an increased combination of hormones are released to calm and put the mother almost in a relaxed trance to have the baby.

You may have heard women talk about their orgasmic birth or birth as this beautiful experience. These women reached the deep trance of the theta state. They did not fear birth. They surrendered to nature and the birth process. Today, these women are very few and far between.

In our society, it is very difficult not to fear birth and be weary of the next chapter in your life. The movies often depict birth as a screaming, yelling, life or death battle. If you are living in my generation (which all of you are), then your mothers often do not communicate to you about how you were born or even how they were born. The birth process is considered a medical emergency and hardly spoken about.

Whether this newly pregnant woman wants to admit or not, she is scared of the unknown. She is nervous in her ability as a mother. This woman is terrified of failing in her new role.

When a woman becomes pregnant in our society, we must lift her up, sing her praises, and empower her. 

When a woman begins to doubt her abilities as a mother, wife, friend, sister, or even lover, then that is on us as a community. That is on the ObGyn that never supported her choices. That is on the other women in the restaurant that gave her dirty looks for breastfeeding in public. That is on her mother-in-law for mocking her co-sleeping preferences. And that is on every single one of us for not supporting this woman to make decisions for her and her family.


Transitioning from a woman to a mother is the biggest change one can make in a lifetime. When women are supported and nurtured, they come out a different more radiant, vivacious version of themselves. When a woman is scared and backed into choices that she wasn’t sure wanted to make or maybe even regrets, then this woman loses that fire inside her. When that fire diminishes, it is difficult for her to become the mother that she is destined to be.


Keep the fire lit within your community.


EMOM 20 minutes

ODD: 4 Strict Presses (15-65#)

EVEN: 4 Goblet Squats (15-44#)



  • Strict presses should be done with a weight that you feel you can do 10 reps of in a row.
  • Goblet squats should be done with a medium-heavy KB.

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