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BirthFIT U begins Sunday, September 22, 2013. This is sexy birth education class like you have never seen before. The course is seven weeks with one class on Sunday at DEUCE Gym. The class is two hours with the first hour educational and the second hour more movement-based. This is the only course in 2013. There are only 7 spots left so reserve your spot today!

BirthFIT has partnered up with Berlin Wellness for a special project: Letofit. This is fitness for the prenatal and postpartum woman. The classes are 60 minutes in length and anyone of any skill level is welcome. Trial classes are going on this week at DEUCE Gym (Tuesday & Thursday at 10am).

BirthFIT videos such as information for a postpartum comeback are in the making but it is a lot slower than I had anticipated. I’m having to redo some of the videos because they were done at the spur of the moment and the sound quality needs to be better. A much needed work in progress.

There is a women’s only class that I lead at DEUCE Gym. If you are not pregnant or recently postpartum, then you may want to think about joining the gym. It’s a community full of great people. The class is Tuesday and Thursdays at 9am.



6 Rounds:

In 2 minutes complete,

10 Pull ups

15 Air squats


OH Walking Lunges (10-25#).

-Rest 2 minutes-


  • Pull ups can be modified to ring rows.
  • OH walking lunges should be done with a weight in which you feel you can do 8-10 lunges at a time.
  • Air squats can be done to a ball if need be.
  • You can always decrease the rounds and/or increase the time interval from 2 to 3 minutes.

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