BirthFIT and Berlin present Letofit

BirthFIT has teamed up with Berlin Wellness to bring prenatal and postpartum fitness classes to the Los Angeles area. Both chiropractors, Dr. Elliot Berlin of Berlin Wellness and Dr. Lindsey Mathews of BirthFIT have combined their experience and knowledge to bring expecting women fitness classes through LetoFit.
LetoFit offers general fitness classes for prenatal and postpartum women. These group prenatal fitness classes are 60 minutes in length and use functional movements to improve strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance and cardiovascular health for you and your baby.

These classes are designed to enhance your physical and mental health for an optimal pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum recovery process. These classes are scalable for any stage of pregnancy and level of fitness from beginner through professional athlete level. Come join other women as they embark on their fitness while pregnant.

We will have a few trial classes:

  • Tuesday, August 20th at 10am.
  • Thusrday, August 22th at 10am.

Join the fun next week and give us feedback!


WORKOUT: Hell of a Race. 

There has been 3 heavier workouts this week. Therefore, Friday is a bodyweight day.

Complete the following for time:

1000m Run

50 Squats

25 Push Ups


  • If you are new to this style of working out, then I would scale the volume. Perhaps do half: 500m Run, 25 squats, 12 Push Ups.
  • If squats do not feel comfortable, then try alternating lunges.
  • Push ups can definitely be elevate on plates, boxes, or even the wall.
  • Run can be substituted for 2K row or 500 foot farmer’s carry with dumb bells or kettle bells.




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