BirthFIT U presents Mary Beth LaRue-Aporta

BirthFIT U presents Mary Beth LaRue-Aporta 
For those of you that stay up to date with the blog, you know about BirthFIT U. Incase you are not reading the blog regularly, let me fill you in. BirthFIT U is the sexy new birth education series designed specifically for women committed to a healthy lifestyle and rockin’ birth. BirthFIT U is a seven-week series, held once a week. The first hour, focused on birth education in an entirely new format, will keep you entertained and informed.  The second hour, built on the BirthFIT principles, is all about functional movements and mobility. Combined these two hours prepare you for one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life: your birth!

Each week has a different educational focus and a different workout or movement series to support the objective of the class.  Mary Beth LaRue-Aporta has decided to join in the fun by leading the group through one of her infamous yoga classes. Mary Beth is a gem of a yoga instructor and has a soul of sunshine. She teaches classes throughout Santa Monica and Venice and you can find her online at yogisanonymous. Click HERE to find out more about Mary Beth.




10 Rounds For Time:

3 Deadlifts (95#)

3 Hang Power Cleans

3 Push Press

90 Foot (45 out and back) Odd Object Carry



  • The odd object can be anything that is slightly heavy and awkward for you to carry. Two KBs, a sand bag, two plates, a plate OH, or even farmer’s handles. You can switch and change it up every round if you want.
  • If the barbell is not comfortable for you then I suggest doing double KBs or DBs.
Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 10.05.45 PM



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