Got Raw Dairy?

Lately, I’ve been asked about my relationship with dairy.
Did you know that produce is responsible for the greatest number of food borne illnesses each year? Dairy accounts for maybe 1-2% of all food borne illnesses a year. And, of those dairy issues, not one has been reported as the result of raw milk since the 1980s. More than 2/3 of Americans consume dairy, and more than 10 million state that they consume raw dairy. [Center for Science in the Public Interest]

So, what is the big hype and why is our society so scared of raw milk? 

Chris Kresser and the Weston A. Price Foundation give great explanations as to how the CDC statements and opinions are flawed. They provide an analysis of the CDC report. Basically, our society believes what we are coerced into believing. Kresser says it best, “you have a 750 times greater chance of dying in a car crash than becoming hospitalized from drinking raw milk.”

In my home, the only dairy we consume is RAW.

This is because raw milk has nutritional benefits that far exceed that of pasteurized milk. Raw milk has loads of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and copper and iron. Raw milk may also convey some sort of probiotic effect. Many people that are lactose intolerant actually do just fine with raw milk.

Try it for yourself. I did.

Long story short. I had asthma and allergies all growing. My asthma was so bad that I was in the hospital multiple times as an adolescent and teenager. I removed dairy from my diet shortly after college. Within six months I was off of all of my asthma and allergy medication. I went from taking pills morning and night, four shots twice a week, never leaving home without my inhaler, and dependent on a breathing machine once a year to a carefree, fish oil loving person that does not think twice about my asthma now.

The only dairy I consume now is RAW. I’ve done my trials of consuming raw dairy while eating extremely clean. This is the only way to try a specific food and see any adverse reactions. Raw dairy is the only dairy I can consume without any ill side effects. Now, I just have to get over the aversion I had towards dairy as a whole for almost a decade.

I’m passing along this information so that you can make an informed decision for you and your family. There are two sides to every store. Research them both and then make a decision for your individualistic needs.



3 Rounds

1 minute Farmer’s Carry (35# KBs)

1 minute Rest

1 minute Air Squats or Back Squats (45#barbell)

1 minute Rest

1 minute Knees to Elbows

1 minute Rest

1 minute Box Jumps or Step Ups



Tips and Modifications

  • Modify whatever you need to modify in order to keep yourself moving through the whole minute.
  • Step ups on a lower box are fine. Try lunges if you want.
  • Knees to elbow can be altered to med ball slams (4-6#) or plank holds from your knees.
  • Farmer’s carries can be done with any two kettle bells or dumb bells of the same weight.

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