Hard Work & Dedication: Lindsey, Sam, Ruth, & Hack’s Pack

There is no blog post, no speech, and no amount of words that can describe the feeling when I saw the overall results for the 2013 CrossFit Games. PURE HAPPINESS!


Hard work & Dedication.

Those are the two words that have come to my mind repeatedly since the results of the CrossFit Games. I’ve treated Lindsey for a few years now, Ruth for over a year, and Hack’s Pack and Samantha Briggs since the start of The 2013 Open. This is a group of exceptional human beings.

Hack’s Pack is more than a six-member team. They are back-to-back affiliate cup champions! They have a whole community in Salt Lake City behind them.  I knew they were unique the first moment Tommy and Taylor came into my office. Tommy, Michael, and Adrian are phenomenal athletes and could give any male individual competitor a run for their money. Taylor, Erin, and Mary are the sweetest, funniest, and most durable women that I’ve ever met. This six-member family holds each other to the highest of standards. They are the definition of the word TEAM.


There is no one in this world quite like Samantha Briggs, aka The Fittest Woman in the World. I’ve never met an athlete like Sam that can move weight and row a half marathon with only her arms;) It was dangerous having Sam sit out a year, because that only fueled her fire. Sam is not only an elite athlete, but she is one of the realest, most down to earth persons that I’ve ever met. When I think of Sam, I think of the Prefontaine quote,“I can endure more pain than anyone you’ve ever met. That’s why I can beat anyone I’ve ever met.” I can’t wait to have her back again.

Ruth Anderson Horrell is a beautiful soul with an infectious smile. This infamous Kiwi and I became close last CrossFit Games due to an unusual circumstance that involved a bee and a blister post-triathlon event. With any event, Ruth leaves it all on the floor. She will pour her whole heart into a workout, no matter if she has whiplash or not. You give Ruth an endurance event with some odd objects and she will dominate.  Congratulations Ruth on becoming the 15th Fittest Woman in the World! Hurry back!


I’ve known Lindsey Valenzuela for two and half years now. Our relationship began as a doctor and a patient; however, we’ve evolved into a family that will continually support each other. Every day Lindsey reminds me of what hard work, dedication, and above all, believing in yourself actually looks like. Lindsey may be one of the hardest working women I know. When this woman believes in herself, she truly is unstoppable! Lindsey is the 2nd Fittest Woman in the World, and I’m so damn proud of her.


As I said before, hard work and dedication go a long way. This group of real life superheroes does not and will not stop. Above all they believed they were completely capable of achieving their goals. Believe and you will achieve.

Go forth and believe in you!





Deadlifts (185#)

Handstand Push Ups or Strict Press (85#)


  • If you have not been doing handstand pushups prior to you pregnancy, then now is not the time to start. Therefore, do strict press (95# RX)
  • If you have been doing handstand push ups, then break them up and/or do them off the box. This may be tougher than you remember.
  • You may have to do sumo deadlift now because of your belly.

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