Why a Postpartum Doula?

You may have heard about a doula. You may even have a birth doula. But, have you thought about life after birth? Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Marcy. She’s a postpartum doula. She specializes in helping families adjust to life after birth. Marcy has tons of experience and loves what she does. See for yourself.
As a certified postpartum doula, my focus is to maximize the bonding process between baby and primary caregiver (typically the mother and father). In order to help with the bonding process, I mother the mother. I nurture her so that she feels safe and taken care of. This allows her the opportunity for her to mother her baby.

A lot of new parents call me out of fear. Fear because they have never handled a baby before. These parents want to start off with confidence, so they hire a professional that helps guide them into their journey as a parent.

Doulas provide education for the families they serve. Doulas also provide non-judgmental support, this support is probably the most useful to new parents. Doulas should be a support long enough to get a new mother on her feet, but not too long to where the mother doesn’t feel like she can live without her doula.

New parents are not the exception to hiring a doula. Sometimes seasoned mothers choose a doula because they have their hands full with other children. Some have lack of support from family and then there are some that are looking for a different experience from previous pregnancies.

Regardless of why you’d hire a postpartum doula, having one increases breastfeeding success, lowers the risk of postpartum depression and also increases the adaptation of new family dynamics. 

There is a great reward for me to see a family bond as a postpartum doula.

-Marcy Sauter

CLICK HERE for a link to Marcy’s website. She covers Los Angeles to Orange County. Marcy is a postpartum DONA Doula and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).



AMRAP 5 Minutes

1, 2, 3…..

DB Clean

DB Front Squat

DB Push Press


Complete rounds for time.

Modifications & Tips

  • DB should be heavier but able to move through the first couple of rounds unbroken.
  • Rest as much as needed between the two parts.



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