Are you anaerobically undertrained?

A lot of women miss out on anaerobic training while pregnant. They mainly train in the aerobic system and forget all about short sprints, heavy lifts, and quick jumps. Both anaerobic (phosphagen and glycolytic) and aerobic (oxidative) training are beneficial for optimal general fitness. And, that is exactly our goal with BirthFIT: optimal general fitness.
The goals of anaerobic training are to enhance the muscle lactate removal and lactate utilization, while also enhancing the anaerobic capacity of muscles through increasing intramuscular levels of anaerobic substrates and increasing action of certain enzymes. Different training or exercises recruit different energy pathways and therefore results in varying adaptations within the body.

You never know what labor and delivery will throw your way, so it’s better to be prepared for anything. The anaerobic system can help prepare your for intervals of labor in which you have periods of work followed by periods of rest. Try to think about that the next time you run 100m repeats or the next time you train three clean and jerks on the minute, every minute.




6 x 100m Run

  • REST 3-5 minutes between runs.
  • These will not be as fast as you are running, but it’s good to turn things up a bit.
  • Take adequate rest and extend the rest longer if you need to.
  • Make sure you can carry on a full conversation before the next run.

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