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Back in February I wrote a blog on postpartum advice specifically in reference to exercising. Read the blog so you have a general overview of how to approach the postpartum phase.
After you’ve waited as long as you can stand it (hopefully six weeks or longer) and you are ready to move again, it is time to start activating and waking up certain muscle groups and revisiting mobility. Engaging the posterior chain, establishing a solid core, and activating shoulders are three movement groups and patterns to pay close attention to. Depending on how much relaxin hormone is still circulating in your body, you may be super mobile or you may begin to tighten up.  Either way, becoming good friends with a foam roller and/or lacrosse ball is not a bad idea. Both will increase blood flow to perspective areas.

Once you have spent some time waking up the body, minimum of a week, then it’s time to start adding bodyweight, functional movements into the mix. Bodyweight functional movements are things like squats, planks, push-ups, lunges, presses, and pistols. I would spend at least three weeks here, because the first week will look quite different from the third.

After about two to three weeks of only bodyweight movements, you can ever so cautiously add weight. Start with some light lifting sessions before metcons. Then, once a movement or two feels good, add it in a workout. Keep the workouts simple with two or three movements and less than thirty minutes. The front squat is a great lift to start with that will engage the entire body from the core outwards.

Below is the outline for a sequence of three postpartum informational videos Im putting together:

ONE. Waking up the body at home. Our focus in this video is proper muscle activations and mobility. There will be specific exercises for glutes, core, and shoulder activation. There will also be mobility tips

Two. Spice it up with basic functional movements. We will go over standards of functional movements, and examples will be provided along with a recovery sequence.

Three. Introducing your body to some weight. A sample workout will be provided with lots of options. We will also discuss integrating back into a community style workout.

All three of the above videos are for the transition phase between when you give birth and you start training. Birth means vaginal or cesarean. Giving birth via c-section will always require a little more recovery and caring for the scar. Coming back after a c-section or a vaginal birth will require super awareness of your body.

Stay tuned for the videos (ideally next week).

BirthFIT Video Content


4 Rounds with 1:1 Rest

20 Pistols

20 Dumb bell snatches

20 Double Unders


Tips & Modifications

Pick a dumb bell weight that you can do ten reps.

20 Double unders can be a 20 feet farmers carry (10 Down and 10 Back).


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