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Yesterday, I asked the BirthFIT community what they wanted to see covered by BirthFIT. I’m so grateful for the feedback. In the next two weeks, I will attempt to cover all topics that I received requests for. My goal is constantly bring you information. If you ever want to put a request in, then don’t hesitate to email or message me on Facebook. Thank you for being such an active community.
What’s to come in the next few weeks…

  • Breastfeeding 101. Our aim is to keep it simple, while also presenting you with the foundation.
  • Pregnancy WODS. All of BirthFIT WODs are scalable for those with bumps. However, in the next few weeks, I will record a few basic workouts that you do at home.
  • The transition state between birth and going back to the gym. This can be such a fuzzy area, and all women are different. We will talk vaginal births and cesarean sections. I will provide some videos, suggestions, and guidelines that will hopefully make the transition easier.
  • Postpartum. There’s a lot that has changed from having another human in your house to accepting your new body. We will talk about the 4th trimester or the next year after birth.
  • Plan A or Becoming BirthFIT. This is where you prepare your body for birth, whether you’re a year away or four years away.
  • Core exercises and dealing with your ab muscles.

Again, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any requests. New posts coming soon!

Sam and Lindsey at DEUCE




In 15 minutes,

Complete 40 Pull-ups.


5 Deadlifts

10 Knees to elbows

90 Feet shuttle run (30 Feet down and 30 feet back and 30 feet back down)



  • Use a band for pull-ups if you need assistance. Or, do ring rows.
  • The deadlifts should be a weight that you can do 5 in a row every single set.
  • Knees to elbow can be scaled to knees to ninety degrees if you need.
  • Shuttle run can be a walk if you need, but try to think about your turn around.

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  • Kathryn

    Is there an archive of all of the BirthFit wods? I’ve been doing ok modifying my gym’s wods, but now at 19 weeks, I’m in need of a little help and inspiration ????

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