Lift- It’s good for you.

One thing I’m a fan is lifting especially when you’re pregnant. Lifting weight has significant benefits during pregnancy and for recovery after birth. However, I do recommend that you train at a facility or with someone who knows Olympic lifting and power lifting. That way, new or experienced, you are dialing in the form. Know that pregnancy is no time to set personal records; however, the idea is to main strength and/or increase slightly at a slow pace.

We have a great Barbell Performance 101 program at DEUCE Gym. Coach Don presents the foundation of the clean and jerk and the snatch from the ground up. If you are in the Los Angeles area and want to learn from an expert, then definitely sign up for this course. You won’t regret it.


Top reasons as to why I lift and encourage pregnant women to lift:

  • Challenges the central nervous system.
  • Increase bone mineral density.
  • Improve cardiovascular function and maintain a healthy blood pressure.
  • Prevent injury by increasing strength in muscles so that associated joint structures such as ligaments are strong as well.
  • You will be stronger and sexier.
  • Almost as good as sex.
  • Build the booty because it is a major stabilizer and mover.
  • Feel empowered.

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Front Squat or Back Squat from rack.


Pick what you feel comfortable doing for the workout.




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