Most of you that are local to Los Angeles know that DEUCE Gym is the headquarters for all things BirthFIT.
What I bet you did not know is that DEUCE Gym is also the epicenter where a lot of SH*T Happens. Literally, we MAKE SH*T HAPPEN.

MAKE SH*T HAPPEN is the goal setting program I developed in order to get people progressing forward. Sure, everyone sets goals at the beginning of the year. But, how often do people revisit their goals and actually check the box done?

So, tomorrow is our third 30-60-90 Day workshop of the year. The meeting will offer time to discuss the past ninety days, problematic areas or difficulties, and areas where you excelled at during the past three months. The group support is like not other. Where one person is having trouble, another person may have the answer.

If you are in Venice tomorrow evening, then don’t hesitate to come set some goals. We are meeting at DEUCE Gym at 7:30 PM. Bring your journal and be ready to take some major action steps. It’s time to MAKE SH*T HAPPEN.



BUY IN: 25 Knees to Elbow

2 Rounds

1 Min Double KB Push Press (or strict press)

1 Min Rest

1 Min Ring Rows (or bent over rows)

1 Min Rest

1 Min Double KB Front Squat

1 Min Rest

1 Min Pistols

BUY OUT: 25 Knees to Elbow



  • See parentheses.
  • KBs can be 9#, 18#, 26#, or at the most 35#. No more. Even if you are elite.
  • Do one round. See how you feel. If you feel good, then do two rounds.

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