Biggest Mistake I See Women Make

The convenient route is to go with whatever health provider (usually an obstetrician) is covered by your health insurance company and do exactly as they say to fit into their systems.

Hate to break it to you but you become another number. You go in for routine check ups that last half an hour tops basically to make sure nothing is drastically wrong. You may or may not have a healthy baby. And you may or may not like the outcome. However, one thing is for sure, I guarantee that if you fall in line and do not choose a provider (midwife or OB) based on your values, then you will have regret.

Yes, knowing who you are, your values, and your overall birth philosophy requires personal development work. It’s not easy. Simple, but not easy. And definitely the road less traveled, but worth it in the long run, whether you end up with a unmedicated birth at home or a cesarean birth at the hospital.

The complex path is one in which you take the initiative to seek out a health care provider that you connect with. This could mean five interviews of midwives and ObGyns before you find the ideal match for you. The path full of lots of work requires you to do your homework and educate yourself. However, I guarantee when you put in the extra work to prepare for your pregnancy and birth, you will not regret it.

The biggest mistake I see women make is to fall in line with the system. They go with a doctor they do not particularly like, but they stick with them because that doctor is covered by their insurance. I understand money issues and convenience and the work load. However, I do not believe in sacrificing your beliefs and values. If you are newly pregnant, then I highly suggest getting to know different healthcare providers and YOURSELF. Go out and ask questions. Interview different doctors and midwives. This process of interviewing will allow you to find out more about yourself and your partner and also each of your desires.


Don’t make the same common mistake and end up with regret.





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