Birth Bag for BirthFIT U

The BirthFIT U education class series is going to be awesome. Each of the ten ladies enrolled in the first series will receive a birth bag. The bag will have lots of super beneficial items inside of it.
One such item… the new ALEKESAM album.

Have you thought about music at your birth?

If not, you had better start. Music can take you to a whole new level. Journalist, Surfer, Producer, and Musician, Sal Masekela is Alekesam. The Sound of Alekesam is the sound of a state of mind to the connoisseur of sound, an original sound. Hearing is truly believing, transporting, soundscaping. Hearing imagery, seeing sounds, a philosophy in sound. Your birth with your baby can take you to a whole new level. Let go and let flow. Sometimes the music helps. Whether it’s Sal’s CD or someone else, find music your are comfortable and chill with to give birth.




EMOM 10 min


Weight options: 115#, 95-115#, 45-65#, PVC-45#


For time:



Toes to Bar



  • Use the weight that you used for the EMOM training.
  • Modify toes-to-bar with knees-to-elbow or knees-to-ninety.

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