Meet Krista Miracle

Meet Krista Miracle. We have partnered together to offer women BirthFIT U classes at DEUCE Gym starting in July.
Krista Miracle is the mother of 6, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Student Midwife and Stage IV Cancer Survivor. She’s the kind of woman you want on your side. Her calling, to impart in all women their faith in themselves, their bodies and most importantly their birth is evident in all that she does. A huge smile combined with gentle soul, her ability to bring harmony to any situation is impressive and inspiring. Krista and her husband live in Southern California. She is an advocate for change in the birth and postpartum world and a partner to many. And yes, her last name really is Miracle. Fitting as it is…



6 Rounds

6 Ring Rows

6 Dead lifts/ Romanian Dead Lifts

-Rest 5 minutes-

4 Rounds

9 Ring Rows

9 Dead lifts / Romanian Dead Lifts

-Rest 5 minutes-

3 Rounds

12 Ring Rows

12 Dead lifts / Romanian Dead Lifts


  • Use a weight that you feel like you can do 15 reps at with no problem.
  • Situate yourself for ring rows in a way to take off weight if need be.
  • Ring rows can also be pull-ups.
  • You may want to elevate the starting position for your dead lift depending on how tight your hamstrings have become.
  • Remember to maintain a neutral spine throughout.
  • The rest is 5 minutes, but that is a minimum. You can always rest longer.

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