Power of the Mind

One of the secrets to success is visualization. It’s a mighty powerful tool that can easily be forgotten and often overlooked. Some of the greatest athletes visualize themselves playing their game the night before. Great speakers run through a public event in their heads before they fall asleep. And, people that are sick become well just through the art of seeing themselves as healed.
If you are having a baby for the first time, or even a second or third, and a little nervous about the unknown, then now is the time to start visualizing. Take a few moments before bed every night and picture yourself going through the process of birth.

Some women often realize that they are not sure what to expect for the labor and delivery process. Grab some books and start reading. Find websites and a pregnancy mentor.  There are a ton of prenatal and postpartum resources out there.

Once you have the idea of how you want your birth to go, then you can run through it in your head nightly. The power of the mind is incredible. See yourself having the birth of your dreams and holding a healthy baby. Your mind is your most valuable tool.

Relate this video to birth. (Disregard the cheesy informational type stuff at the end)




5 Rounds

10 Back Squats

20 Push-ups

30 Alternating lunges



  • Advanced athlete use 115#.
  • Intermediate athlete use 95#.
  • Beginner use 65# or less.
  • Very new beginner can use a PVC or barbell.
  • Pick up the bar from the rack. If no rack, then do deadlifts.
  • Push-ups can be done on elevated plates or wall.
  • Lunges must touch the ground with knee each time.

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