Is It Worth It?

I love to workout. In fact, no matter how simple or difficult the movements are that are listed on the whiteboard, I enjoy the workout because it fosters adaptation and growth on many levels. However, there is always an intelligent and efficient way to go about something such as fitness, especially when we are talking pregnancy and postpartum.
In previous blogs, I’ve talked extensively about exercising while pregnant. And, they discuss safety and rules to exercise by. Truthfully, I may be the biggest advocate for exercising while pregnant. However, there is one thing that I will not do and that is to put the unborn child at risk.

I’ve done my research and will continue to do my research and educate people. Exercising while pregnant is safe and has numerous benefits. Furthermore, I wish every pregnant woman could be in my classes, or be a personal client. But it is not possible for me to regulate and police every pregnant woman’s exercise program.

So, I leave you with one question, “ Is it worth it?”

When contemplating a move, a workout, a snack, a meal, or anything at all, seriously think about it. Pregnancy is temporary. You will be able to do those movements that you love so much but just cannot quite do right now in no time at all. Time will pass by so quickly that you won’t even know you missed your cheat meal. Be smart, not just for you, but for your unborn child.

Is it worth it?



Complete the following for time:

10 Dual KB Cleans

30 Ft. Farmers Carry

10 KB Swings (Russian)

30 Ft. Farmers Carry

10 Goblet squats

-Rest 3 minutes-

Repeat three times.



  • Use one KB instead of two if needed.
  • Try to use the same KB weight throughout the workout. However, if one movement is more difficult definitely use a lighter weight.
  • If you have a bump that gets in the way of the swings, then do one arm swings instead (Russian style).
  • The workout is designed to be intense for each round with sufficient rest. Add more rest if you need.
  • Advanced athletes can use 35# dual KBs. Intermediate athletes use between 18# and 26#. Beginners use less than 10# dual KB. If completely new, then use one KB at a low weight.

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