Mobility for Upper Back & Chest

Pregnancy can bring about a few aches and pains are definitely not wanted. Some of those discomforts can be in the upper back and chest area. As your breasts grow and your center of gravity is pulled forward there is a lot of stress put on areas of the spine that had otherwise not been stressed. Bigger boobs are great for nourishing our little one but maybe not so comfortable at times. Our posture can become more rounded and slouched contributing to severely protracted shoulders and upper back and shoulder blade irritations.
Below are to great stretches that you can do daily to help bring the shoulders back and down and maintain movement throughout the thoracic spine.

PVC Pec Stretch

Yes it can be done with a broomstick as well. Remember to look forward and keep your pelvis in neutral- no tilting. Pull your wrists in closer and your elbows more forward to create more of a stretch on the anterior (front) portion of your shoulder. Spend at least a minute here with five deep breaths.

Thoracic Opener

If you have a broomstick and a table, then you can do this. In fact, the stick is just used for guidance. Keep knees soft and feet about hip width apart. Hinge at the hips and try to bring your chest towards the ground in front of you. Again, be sure not to over extend the lower back. Hold this one for 60 seconds and come out. Then, do it again.



EMOM 12 Minutes 

2 Clean and Jerks

-Rest as needed-

2 Rounds 

800m Run

50 Squats

25 Pushups


  • The C&J should be a little heavier than you are comfortable with in metcons. Think about it like you could do five reps in a row but maybe not ten reps. EMOM is a great way to maintain skill and still get a good workout. Make sure the weight is something you feel comfortable with.
  • If you are not into running these days, then do a 1000m row.
  • Pushups can be done on elevated plates or a box or even against the wall.

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