BirthFIT U

As promised, BirthFIT will only offer services of the highest quality that represent the BirthFIT values. One such service is the BirthFIT U classes that will be offered at Deuce Gym starting in July 2013. You do not want to miss this series.

BirthFIT U is the sexy new birth education series designed specifically for women committed to a healthy lifestyle and rockin’ birth. BirthFIT U is a seven-week series, held once a week. The first hour, focused on birth education in an entirely new format, will keep you entertained and informed.  The second hour, built on the BirthFIT principles, is all about functional movements and mobility. Combined these two hours prepare you for one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life: your birth!

BirthFIT U is brought to you by Dr. Lindsey Mathews, D.C., and Krista Miracle. Lindsey is the founder of BirthFIT and the women’s only coach at Deuce Gym. Krista is a birth doula and educator and co-founder of The Doula is In. Krista and Lindsey have teamed up to offer a practical foundation to pregnancy for the modern woman and her partner.

More information will be coming soon. However, if you are interested at all, then email me- Space will be limited.



AMRAP 12minutes

500m Row

5 Hang Clean

3 Front Squat

2 Push Press



  • Advanced: 95#
  • Intermediate: 65#
  • Beginner: PVC or 45#
  • 400m Run or 500m Row is suitable.
  • Dumb bells should be used if barbell cannot be used.
  • Remember to add rest.

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